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Decoupage Jewellery

Decoupage Jewellery

Set photo's or printed papers into jewellery using our high quality plated stampings and resin. A great way to create personal & precious keepsake jewellery.

Some helpful tips for using resin with the stampings:

Apply a thin layer of PVA glue to the surface of the paper, photo or fabric you are placing inside the stamping. 
Allow the glue to dry fully before pouring over the resin. The glue primes and protects the surface of the paper or fabric and allows the resin to sit on top of it rather than seeping through and prevents the colours from bleeding
Make sure you add the resin to the stamping drop by drop so that it does not spill onto the metal
If any resin does overflow onto the edges of the metal stamping, use a kitchen towel soak up any excess and use a damp baby wipe to clean the metal before the resin cures