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Metal Clay


Whether you are working with silver or copper clay there are certain tools and equipment that you will use time and time again for each metal clay. Here are some essential items you will need.

Cling film - To wrap up any excess clay and prevent it from drying out.

Clay distancers - Used to keep the clay level and to roll it out to a precise thickness

Clay balm - It is essential to add a thin layer of clay balm to the surface you will roll your clay onto and any cutters and texture mats you will be using

PVC roller - A miniature rolling pin which is the perfect tool for rolling small pieces of metal clay to the right thickness

Texture stamps - One of the best advantages metal clays have over sheet metal is the ability to add texture and pattern to your designs with great ease. We have a wide range of texture stamps available with many interesting and varied designs that are ideal for use with metal and polymer clays 

Baby Wipes - These are useful for cleaning the metal residue from your hands, tools and work surfaces

Wire brush - When your pieces of metal clay have been fired, you will need to brush them to bring out the beautiful qualities of the metal. It is worth investing in a brass or fine wire brush for each type of clay you are using and keeping your brushes separate so that you don’t get copper or bronze onto your silver clay pieces. Brush fired pieces in warm water with a little liquid soap

Sanding Sponges - Use different gradients of sanding sponges to smooth and refine your clay pieces before firing. 

Wire mesh - For firing silver clay pieces on top of your gas hob or gas camping stove

Gas torch and firing brick - For firing silver clay, copper clay and bronze clay pieces