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Chain Maille

Chain Maille

Chain Maille is a great way to make jewellery but can also look amazing when combined with beads or wire wrapped pendants and make stunning eardrops.

Our rings are Saw Cut this give a precise clean cut which close neatly giving the best look for jewellery. We have chosen to stock annodised aluminium as it has good hypoallergenic properties, should not tarnish and comes in amazing colours. 

A few helpful points:

The gauge refers to the wire thickness, the higher the gauge the thinner the wire

The imperial measurement (eg. 5/32") refers to the internal diameter of the ring.

Some designs may use the aspect ratio, this can be found by dividing the internal diameter in mm by the wire thickness in mm ie. AR = ID/Wire gauge - this is listed in the product information. This can help you to find different rings that have the same aspect ratio and therefore can be used in substitution for one another.

To open the rings we suggest the use of chain nose and bent nose pliers, gently pull the sides north and south away from each other, do not try to pull the join open as this will ruin the ring and be hard to close.

You could also use our Niobium, Sterling Silver and Plated jump rings for Chain Maille but these will not have the precise data measurements that are used in Chain Maille designs.

Please ensure you buy enough rings for your project together at the start as colour can change between batches and we will always ensure to send colours from the same batch, but can not guarantee this if ordered seperately.

16 gauge 1/4 16 gauge 1/4"
16 gauge 3/18 16 gauge 3/18"
16 gauge 5/16 16 gauge 5/16"
16 gauge 7/32 16 gauge 7/32"
18 gauge 1/4 18 gauge 1/4"
18 gauge 3/16 18 gauge 3/16"
18 gauge 5/32 18 gauge 5/32"
18 gauge 7/32 18 gauge 7/32"
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