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Gemstone Cabochons

Gemstone Cabochons

Bead House prides itself in stocking one of the largest selection of gemstone cabochons in the UK. We also stock an exclusive range of plated stampings featuring modern jewellery pieces for use with our cabochons. These make quick & fashionable jewellery - just select your stamping and pick from the range of cabochons in the required bezel size and glue together! For more detailed instructions please see our tutorial.

3mm 3mm
4mm 4mm
5mm 5mm
6mm 6mm
7mm 7mm
8mm 8mm
10mm 10mm
12mm 12mm
15mm 15mm
18mm 18mm
20mm 20mm
25mm 25mm
6x4mm 6x4mm
7x5mm 7x5mm
7.8x5.8mm 7.8x5.8mm
8x6mm 8x6mm
9x7mm 9x7mm
9x17.5mm 9x17.5mm
9x40mm 9x40mm
10x8mm 10x8mm
11x9mm 11x9mm
12x10mm 12x10mm
13x9mm 13x9mm
14x10mm 14x10mm
14x29mm 14x29mm
16x12mm 16x12mm
18x13mm 18x13mm
20x15mm 20x15mm
20x36mm 20x36mm
25x15mm 25x15mm
25x18mm 25x18mm
25x20mm 25x20mm
30x20mm 30x20mm
40x30mm 40x30mm
8mm Heart 8mm Heart