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Metal Clay

Metal Clay

Precious metal clays all consist of the same components; tiny particles of precious metal held together with water and a special binding ingredient to form a piece of clay. The clays can be mouldedrolled, shaped, sculpted  and carved in exactly the same way as ceramic clay. The difference is, when the water has evaporated from the clay and it is fired at the right temperature for the right length of time, the particles melt together to form a piece of solid precious metal. This makes metal clays an exciting new medium for jewellery making. You can create your own designs with much greater ease than using sheet metal and all of this can be done from the comfort of your kitchen table or work bench using just a few simple tools. See the Metal Clay Tools section for more info.

We offer two different types of precious metal clay:

• Art Clay Silver - This is 99.9% pure silver and can be fired in a kiln, on a gas hob or with a gas torch

• Art Clay Copper - This is 99.9% copper and can be fired in a kiln or with a gas torch

A few helpful tips:

It’s best to store any excess clay wrapped tightly in some clingfilm. Place this inside a screw-top jar or airtight container along with a wet baby wipe to create a moist atmosphere. This ensures the clay will remain hydrated between uses.  

Use a damp baby wipe to help refine dried clay. Rub the damp baby wipe along the edges of your dried clay pieces to give a smooth and silky finish. 

The more work you do on finishing your pieces before firing the neater and better finish they will have after firing. Remember, it is much easier to file and refine the dry clay than the fired metals.

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