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Wire Working

Wire Working

Wire work has become a very popular form of jewellery making. Wire is so versatile and can be used to create a wide variety of pieces from very simple jewellery through to flambouyant pieces of artwork.

The appeal of wirework lies in the fact that only a few simple hand tools are needed to create some very stunning designs. You can use wire to make you own clasps, chains, findings charms, beads and embellishments. The only limits are your imagination.

The gauge refers to the thickness of the wire. Here are the different ways we recommend you use each different gauge of wire:

0.4mm - This is a finer, softer wire so will pass easily through small bead holes. It is ideal for use when making wedding jewellery such as tiaras and combs. It is also a good wire to use with wire weaving and as an embellishment on gemstones and thicker wires.

0.6mm - This is wire a little stronger and thicker than 0.4mm. It is best used for wire wrapping, creating findings and jump rings and as a decorative wire.

0.8mm - This wire is much sturdier and thicker so is ideal for creating rosary-style chains, wire rings and clasps. It is also a good gauge of wire to use when creating earring wires, caged beads and coils.

1mm - A stronger, thicker  gauge of wire that can used a base for wire weaving. It is an ideal wire for wire wrapping larger gemstones and for creating ring shanks and hammered pieces.

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